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Cascade cake stand

cascading cake stand

The perfect stand for any split tier wedding cake.

Available to hire for ~ £50 / weekend

Suitable for cakes up to 4 tiers ranging between 5″ – 15″.

Vertical stainless steel pillars support each tier, any of which can be removed for full flexibility. The pillars can be decorated with flowers or ivy as shown, or left to merge into the background so that the tiers appear to be floating.



croquembouche or piece montee

The traditional French wedding cake, consisting of choux buns filled with crème patisserie, built into a pyramid and decorated with fine strands of caramel. Delicious with coffee or wonderful as a dessert.

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What is a croquembouche or piece montee?

A croquembouche or “piece montee” is a wedding cake made from filled choux buns held together with caramel in an impressive pyramid. A very popular choice if there is a French connection within your bridal party and equally popular with the many other couples looking for an unusual, elegant and more interesting option to a traditional British wedding cake.

How big is a standard croquembouche?

This 400 piece croquembouche is shown next to a 4 tier (12″ 10″ 8″ 6″) stacked wedding cake to demonstrate the impact of your wedding centrepiece. The impact of the smallest size (120 pieces) is similar to a traditional two tier wedding cake. If you are serving it as wedding cake, allow 1 piece per person plus an extra 20% or so, and for dessert allow 3 pieces per person.

English and French weddings

french and english wedding cake under a croquembouche

Can’t decide between a croquembocuhe and a wedding cake? This couple chose a 12″ rich chocolate cake to serve 75+ guests, decorated with white Belgian chocolate curls, and we topped it with a thick band of fresh ivory roses and a 200 piece croquembouche. A rather untraditional chocolate penguin “bride and groom” topped it off.

Cutting or cracking your croquembouche

sword cutting croquembouche french wedding cake

Traditionally, the top of the croquembouche would be hit with a sword, silver mallet or even a champagne bottle, cracking the top off while the bridesmaids hold up the corners of the table cloth to catch the pieces. If you are planning to do this we can supply the croquembouche with empty pieces of choux at the top, and with extra caramel for a more satisfying “crack”. We have a range of different swords available to hire. However, most couples simply push a knife or sword into the side of the croquembouche, much as you would with a traditional wedding cake. The croquembouche is then taken away to be broken up, or left for guests to help themselves – we have found that silver salad tongs are an effective serving tool, but for less formal weddings you will find that your guests are happy just to get stuck in with their fingers!

Chocolate Croquembouche

chocolate drizzled croquembouche wedding cake

Chocolate works very well with croquembouche, and we can supply chocolate sauce to be drizzled over the top of the croquembouche immediately before it is cut, or as part of the cake cutting ceremony. The chocolate also helps to soften the caramel, making serving even easier. The sauce is made from dark Belgian chocolate with fresh cream. For the ultimate indulgence we can supply a chocolate fountain for your guests to dip their pieces of choux in to.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate wedding Cakes

A very popular choice for many couples, and guaranteed to be popular with your guests. White Belgian chocolate curls and fresh wedding flowers can give a traditional look, or a smooth glossy dark chocolate ganache forms the base for many modern and contemporary designs.

Fondant Iced

The most classic and elegant wedding cakes are iced with white or ivory fondant icing. Whether you choose vanilla sponge, chocolate cake, red velvet, coffee and walnut or a traditional rich fruit cake, each tier will look the same from the outside so it is easy to mix and match flavours.

Prices shown are based on 3 round tiers, the most popular option, unless stated otherwise. There is an additional charge of £25 per tier for rich fruit cakes.

Fondant iced cakes last well, are easy to transport and easy to cut. There is no end to the range of designs and colours available as fondant is such a versatile icing to work with. Simply sketch something on the back of an envelope and send it in, I can do the rest!

Individual Cakes

Wedding cupcakes, muffins or individually iced miniature cakes are displayed on glass tiers several feet tall. Although any number of cakes can be used, this is a great option for small weddings, where an impressive effect can be achieved with small numbers of cakes.