Chocolate Cakes

Milk Chocolate Curls

Choc curls

An eye-catching design, matching many of this season’s bridesmaid’s dresses, this cake can be made in either milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate curls – or all three together – complementing your choice of flowers.

~£550 for three tiers


chocolate ganache wedding cake with gerberas

A fun and funky design incorporating dazzling fresh gerberas tumbling down a smooth, glossy chocolate covered cake. A more subtle effect is achieved by using gerberas in just one colour, to match or contrast with the colour scheme for the wedding. This design is sufficiently eye-catching to make a real centre-piece of even a one or two-tiered cake.

Fresh Pink Roses

milk chocolate wedding cake with pink roses and chocolate curls

Curls of milk chocolate surround a rich chocolate cake. The tiers are separated by displays of fresh, soft pink roses and greenery.

Elegant White Four Tiers

white chocolate scrolls and curls wedding cake with bow and ivory roses

Our popular Elegant White cake, shown here with four tiers and with silk flowers replacing the fresh roses. The silk flowers are ideal if you are wanting the cake to be delivered the day before the wedding, or to keep after the wedding.

Elegant White

white chocolate scrolls and curls wedding cake with bow and ivory roses

This design offers you a great twist on a very classical looking cake as it is decorated with white Belgian chocolate curls. The cake is equally impactive, if less traditional, with milk or dark chocolate curls.

Elegant Owls

owl wedding cake

Tiers of rich dark chocolate cake covered in a smooth chocolate fondant, and a contrasting light and zesty lemon cake covered in white chocolate fondant.

The tiers are finished with matching ribbons and some fun figurines on top. The figurines can be replaced with various other characters, or flowers.

3 tiers including flowers and owl figures ~£600


layers of cake tiers with chocolate icing

A simple and elegant design; layers of rich, moist chocolate cake alternate with light zesty lemon cake. The tiers are decorated with soft chocolate fondant icing flavoured with milk and white chocolate for contrasting effects. Each tier is finished with a chocolate brown velvet ribbon and a diamante heart.

Dark Chocolate Curls on Roses

dark chocolate scrolls and curls wedding cake with red roses

If you don’t want pillars but want a tall, impactive design, then this is the cake for you. The cake has been designed to appear to be floating on a base of roses, with an additional display on top. It can also be made using either white or milk Belgian chocolate curls.

Milk Chocolate Ruffles

milk ruffles

This dramatic looking cake has ruffles of milk Belgian chocolate encasing 4 tiers of sponge or a rich moist chocolate cake.

4 tiers ~£650

Chocolate Roses

chocolate ganache glazed cake with white chocolate roses

Four sumptuous tiers of rich chocolate cake covered in a smooth mild dark chocolate glaze and decorated with Belgian chocolate roses. Utterly edible!